SilkMeter "SEVERE ERROR: An error occurred while writing the license files. At least one could not be written"


After launching the SilkMeter "Change Your License Server Configuration" utility the error below may occur.

This could indicate a permissions related issue where SilkMeter is attempting to write to a path set in the SILK_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

To troubleshoot this issue first check your User Account Control settings.  To open User Account Control Settings, type UAC in the Start Search box, and then click Change User Account Control settings in the Control Panel window.  The example below shows UAC set to Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer.

If UAC is not set to Never notify (where UAC is disabled) then it will be necessary to launch the SilkMeter "Change Your License Server Configuration" utility as an Administrator (with elevated permissions).  To launch SilkMeter with elevated permissions, right click on the “Change Your License Server Configuration” program icon and select “Run as administrator”.

If you are running Windows with a non-English locale setting and the issue is not resolved with these steps, then refer to a separate Wiki linked below, which deals with a similar issue seen after the installation of SilkTest in a non-English environment.

Support Incident 2660340

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