Why do I get the message "SilkTest detected a Client/Server application" when enabling extensions for a browser?


If SilkTest is not recognizing the Browser or if Enabling Extensions for a Browser returns the following Extension Settings dialog:


Firstly ensure that the user that is currently logged into the machine has full administrator privileges. If it is not possible to have full administrator privileges then ensure that they at least have the privileges outlined in article What privileges should be given to a user account that does not have administrative privileges in order to successfully use SilkTest?

If the user has the required privileges then check the following:

  • Ensure that the third party browser extensions are enabled.
  • Ensure that the value for the registry entry "AppInit_DLLs" is "qaphooks.dll" with no additional characters.
  • Ensure that the "QAPHLPROBJ Class" is enabled in your browser Add-ons.

There are instructions as to how to check these in article Why am I unable to enable SilkTest extensions for Internet Explorer?


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