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Auto refresh of file status in CPC v16

I am now working on the CPC v16 and I've never noticed this before, so I am wondering if this is new.

In the content perspective, I'm looking at files grouped by status.

With All descendants checked, I have thousands of files that are current and a few that are Out of Date. If I select a single Out of Date file and check it out, it used to only switch to current. Now, it switches to current, and gets inserted in the current group, and the group gets expanded to show the file.

To go back to my previous list display, I have to scroll back up the Current group to collapse it.

Is there a way to turn off this behavior (that is, only update the status until I choose to refresh my pane.)


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    In the StarTeam Client (Personal) Options , do you have 'File System Watcher' enabled? If so, please try turning it OFF.

    What is the exact build number of the SDK & CPC version you are working with?
    Do you have MPX enabled?

    I'm able to reproduce the automatic switch with my local build (release candidate for our upcoming patch) if File System Watcher is ON.
    When I turn it OFF, the status updates, but the file does not change groups until i refresh my pane.

    Take care
  • CPC 16.0.1-52
    MPX Enabled.

    I tried turning OFF 'file System watching and it did not make a difference.
    I closed and reopened my view and it DID work. Thanks!
  • Any resolution on this?  Turning off the watcher doesn't resolve this on 17.2 either.  We recently upgraded straight to 17.2 from pre 16 and developers who are selectively checking stuff out don't like it refreshing every time they check a file.  This "feature" really interrupts work flow.

  • Try turning off Automatic refresh under Personal Options/MPX ( keeping MPX on) .  It is a trade-off, now you will have to press F5 for the display to refresh. Let's say another developer checked in a file while you were using CPC, you would not see the change until you press F5.  Personally I use it this way. 

  • It did not wok keeping MPX on, but that may be happening because the server is not configured for MPX and I don't have it specified under server properties either.  Seems like a lot of reconfiguring in the hopes that might prevent StarTeam from jumping from my out of date grouping to the current grouping when I check out a single file.  When I have time, I may try setting up MPX, but not sure that really buys that much for us, that is why I never set it up before.  It looks like MPX uses different ports so I have to open additional firewalls, which means changes to security diagrams so security will authorize that.  Hopefully, I can run MPX on the same server running StarTeam server so I don't have to request another virtual server.  

    I'm leaning toward telling developers to install the StarTeam 15 client instead of 17.2 if they do not like the behavior.

  • Hi Guy, Setting up MPX will be beneficial performance-wise, you only need to open one port on the StarTeam Server machine, is easy to configure using default settings. Create a support ticket and we will guide you though it.  Will test the refresh issue without MPX in the meantime.