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Can we extract the whole project from Starteam Via STCMD?

Hi Team,

We are trying to extract whole project from Starteam including view's and label's present in it. Is this extraction possible using STCMD?

Also, while trying to open stcmd.exe file in the Program files, it's closing with in a seconds without any error. We are using StarTeam 2005 R2 version, is that because of older version?

Or do we have any alternative way to extract the Whole project from Starteam including all files/sub-repositories in it?

Kindly revert with solution.



  • StarTeam 2005 R2 is hopelessly out of date - especially for this purpose!

    STCMD has seen major rework and a large number of new capabilities plus detail enhancements since then. These require not just the newer STCMD but also a more current StarTeam server.

    In addition, current StarTeam server versions contain an Import/Export capability - which again has seen notable enhancements over the versions.

    Please update to the current StarTeam version - you can do so directly in one single version step from 2005 R2, if my memory servers.

    Best Regards,

  • Correction:
    Lowest version for direct update is 2009 R2 - not 2005 R2. My mistake

    This means you need at least three version steps.

    Depending on your StarTeam server administration/upgrade familiarity, you can engage with our Professional Services to assist with the upgrade.


  • Hi Dom,

    Thanks for your Response.

    As you mentioned to upgrade the StarTeam to latest version, but our license has expired. Even without license can we get a support from StarTeam for upgradation?

    If we upgrade Starteam server to latest version, does that helps us to import the whole project including all files and sub-repositories in it?