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StarTeam 14.0 checked out file - Office Error 'File in use'


Our environment uses StarTeam Cross Platform Client version 14.0.4-136 with StarTeam Server 2009R2. Our StarTeam configuration hasn't changed in years. When using StarTeam with the Office suite, users have been experiencing the following Word error (after checking out a file in StarTeam, and double clicking it to open in Word/Excel): 

Although the error indicates that the file is 'locked for editing', the file is not locked in StarTeam. In other cases, the user who has the file locked in StarTeam, has also seen this error. Since this error is populated from the Office suite, I've followed Microsoft guides to fixing this error, to no resolve. After doing some testing, I've found that this error is only populated by opening the file from the StarTeam UI. If I check out the file, and open it from File Explorer, it opens in read-write mode... whereas opening it from the StarTeam UI can only open it in Read-Only Mode. After opening it once in StarTeam, the file is only able to open in Read-Only Mode from File Explorer. A reboot temporarily fixes this issue.

Has anyone experienced similar issues, or would be able to provide support for this? Thank you!