stcmd CLI help with set and Checkout of Code

I am very new to Starteam and I am trying to use the CLI from the Starteam SDK version 17.

I can easily use stcmd to connect to the server via the standard command.


This works no problem. I can also use the set project command as such

stcmd set project = 'DEVINSPROJECT'

But after those are successful and I try and set view or use CO I get an error.

So this command: stcmd set view = "DEVINSVIEW"

I get this error: Illegal command set view = DEVINSVIEW. The project name cannot be resolved to a project on this server. Same with Folder hierarchy.

What I want to be able to do is select a view and folder and check out the code from that level out to a directed folder using -rp command.

So I can connect and do some stuff but the key elements don't. Anything thoughts?