Storage method and location of files attached to change requests


StarTeam server

I am wondering about attached files for change requests since I am looking to extract them all in batch.

As far as I can understand these files are stored in a generic folder Changes_Attachments in the repository. I can see that I have a bunch of files there names 00000, 00001 etc. 

Now for questions:

  • Are these files stored in their native format or is it in some other binary format. i.e. would it be possible to simply copy a file to another location and open in e,g, Word if I knew that it is a MS Word file?
  • If they are not stored in their native format is there some other way to extract all attached files from change requests, using SDK, stcmd or other method.

I see that it is possible to query the ST database to determine what file that are attached to which change reuest. Retrieve Change Request attachment information using SQL Server - StarTeam Tips & Information - OpenText StarTeam (