Idea ID: 2875570

Enhancement request

Status: New Idea

A customer tried to attach/detach labels based on a list of filenames. They would like to accomplish this without having to loop through the file entries and instead do this as a batch by using some sort of input file, they are able to detach and attach using an input file, that contains the viewmemberids.

However, they cannot find a way getting this list of viewmemberids based on a list of filenames without looping. The select command does not currently allow an input file to retrieve item property values in a single command without looping through the list.

They are trying to get a list of files from StarTeam with their viewmemberid with a single command.

According to Micro Focus engineering, there is no way to do that in a single call. Therefore, an enhancement request has been requested by a customer.

An enhancement request has been created with R&D about this.