Idea ID: 2870040

File checkout as a background process

Status: New Idea

Customer suggesting an idea/option for StarTeam to check-out/in LARGE files as a background process, allowing the user to continue working elsewhere in the CPC whilst this process completes.

"we have files which could be upwards of ~1.5GB and when users checkout these files, as the file checkout process is a blocking call, meaning users have to wait for the process to complete in order to do anything else in StarTeam CPC.

We do use 3 MPX servers acting as cache agents, but the blocking issue remains albeit for a shorter period of time if the file being checked out is already cached. And often times we checkout more than one file!

By making the file checkouts as a background process, users can perform other things in StarTeam CPC such as  - reviewing CRs, working on tasks etc., in parallel while waiting for the files to be downloaded.

I understand the work-around which is open another instance of StarTeam CPC; but, the problem with this approach is you are putting load on the machine (RAM, CPU)."