Idea ID: 2876815

Updating StarTeam Documentation and creating a YouTube video with the steps and procedure to do backups in SQL.

Status: New Idea

Sometimes customers might get a little confused when trying to do a SQL backup.

We've heard that in the documentation there is nothing that outlined specific steps describing implementation of a backup. 
In that regard, a customer made the following remarks and suggestions, as he doesn't understand the backup procedure:

* What he wants is a formal list of steps and tools Further.
* A YouTube video covering this.
* Backup utility provided by StarTeam.
    This utility would only require the user to set the target backup directory and the utility would backup all the StarTeam data that is necessary. 
     Additionally, if the backup changes between StarTeam revisions, the user doesn't have to: 
    a) be aware of that change 
    b) update the script. 
    This utility would be called from a command line so that it can be added to script/scheduler.

    Then the StarTeam backup procedure would be:
    1. Backup the SQL database using the tools native to your database installation (MS, Oracle, etc)
         Note: StarTeam does not provide a mechanism to invoke the SQL backup. 
         This must be implemented in any script using the utility provided by the database vendor.
         Full backups every time are recommended.
*     2. Using the StarTeam backup utility, backup the StarTeam data.
          To keep the data as a set, select the target directory where the SQL data backup is stored.

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