StarTeam fundamentals


As a development manager, you know that delivering quality software involves a lot more than just source control. In this video we introduce StarTeam as a platform to coordinate and manage the entire software delivery process. StarTeam allows us to embrace change and gives us confidence to deliver better software faster.


Please feel free to browse the list of topics in this seciton for more insight into the wonderful world of StarTeam.



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  • Hi,

    May I have a question related to the custom field on ChangeRequest? I added a new Text format field from the client, say, Usr_Submitter. The type is "Text". Then I add one TextFieldEditor from JBuilder as per the ChangeRequest in the Sample folder. Change the propertyNameof the TextFieldEditor object to User_Submitter. When I tried to load the new CR from CPC, a error popped up to state that no "submitter" in the ChangeRequest.

    Would you please shed some lights?