Created On:  05 March 2012


How do you add an additional step into an existing workflow?


The process for adding an additional step to an existing workflow is outlined below.

First, locate and open the ChangeRequest.workflow.xml file.  This normally exists in the StarFlow Extensions project but may reside in the StarTeam repository as well.

Below is a workflow design that will be used to describe how to add an additional step between "In Progress" and "Resolved"

1. Click on the icon to create a new step

2. The "New Step" dialog will appear.

3. Create a new value "3a. Peer Review"

4. Assign the value to the new field

5. Create a link between the existing steps

6. Carry out additional workflow step settings by right clicking and selecting properties.  Additional settings, such as, status notification, next step parameters can be configured here.

7. Save the workflow

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