Opening CR"s fails for some users with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException



Opening CR"s fails for some users with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 R2
  • Product Component: Client (Win32/CPC)
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows (All versions)


Sometimes when opening a Change Request item, and ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception message will appear.


This problem occurs on the 2005 R2 version of the server in many cases because some Change Requests have been corrupted by network latency issues or timeouts while committing a new Change Request to the server. Many users report seeing this using Alternate Change Request forms (APE"s).

What happens usually is a mismatch between the "Attachment Count" field and the enumerated list of Attachment Names (an array). When attachment count is not the length of the Attachment Names field, this error will sometimes occur. Support advises reverting back to the default Change Request form (which can handle this error) and open the CR. Save the attachments to your local hard drive and then delete all the attachments from the CR. You will see an attachment count of zero and a blank list for the attachment names array. Then re-add the files 1 by 1. At this point the attachment count should match the number of files actually attached. Turn your CR APE back on and retest the issue.

If you still receive an exception, notify Support at 877-800-2675

Author: Daniel Rice

Old KB# 28678
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