When installing the Client a "Not Enough Disk Space on target drive" error appears



When installing the Client a "Not Enough Disk Space on target drive" error appears


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2008 R2
  • Product Component: CPC
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows XP

When installing the Cross Platform Client on Windows, a "Not Enough Disk Space on target drive while attempting to copy files" error appears.

1) There is not enough space on the drive on which you are trying to install the client. During the Client Install Wizard, on the final page (before hitting the "Install" button) the Wizard shows the required & available bytes. Ensure there is enough space.
2) The more likely problem is a "bad" setup.ini file.
You need to remove the setup.ini file from the following locations:
i) and Settings\username\Application Data\Borland\StarTeam
ii) and Settings\\Application Data\Borland\StarTeam
iii) and Settings\username\Application Data\StarBase
iv) and Settings\\Application Data\StarBase

Some machines may not have all 4 directories... The StarBase folder maybe there if the user had installed old "starbase" products.

The "bad" setup.ini file is created by using the -i SILENT command to silently install the client. Therefore after removing the setup.ini file(s) either install the client through the wizard. This problem has been identified as a defect with the installer and will be addressed in a future release of the client, please contact Micro Focus Support for further information.


Author: Paz Patel


Old KB# 29678
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