Created On:  30 April 2012


How do you get the history of File Moves in StarTeam?


The history of File Moves can be tracked from the Audit tab in StarTeam CPC.

Please follow the steps below to view the history:
1) Go to the Audit tab
2) Right click the header
3) Select Show Fields

4) Add the necessary fields

5) Reposition the fields the way you would like to view. In this example, I have moved the fields Event, View, Project to the front and the User field to the end.

6) Select the filter 'By Class and Event'

7) Expand Class Name 1: File
8) Expand the Events : Moved From , Moved To

7) The history of File Moves will be displayed. In this example, I have moved the file EDITCOPY.BMP from On-line Help Folder to Sales Materials Folder. I am able to see the move listed along with other details such as the user who moved the file, time of the movement.

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