ERROR: java.lang.NoClassDefFound error when running servertools script



ERROR: java.lang.NoClassDefFound error when running servertools script


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Starbase Server 5.0
  • Solaris 7 and Solaris 8


The servertools script located in the Starbase Server installation directory isused to start the Server Tools utility for Starbase Server 5.0. The 5.0Installation manual tells you to modify this script to include the path to thefollowing files:

swingall.jar (required for JRE/JDK 1.1)




If Java is set up properly on your Solaris box with the proper CLASSPATHenvironment variable set, the instructions in the manual (and in the scriptitself) will work for you. If you run servertools and get NoClassDefFounderror or similar Java errors, it is indicating that your CLASSPATH variable isprobably not set up correctly. You can try the workaround below.


1.) Make a backup copy of the servertools script

2.) Edit the servertools script

3.) Remove all lines

4.) Type the below command:

-For Java 1.1.X

java -cp./swingall.jar:./servertools.jar:./ServerToolHelp.jar:./jhall.jarcom.starbase.starteam.servertools.StMainWindow

-For Java 1.2 or higher

java -cp ./servertools.jar:./ServerToolHelp.jar:./jhall.jarcom.starbase.starteam.servertools.StMainWindow

Note: (The "./" indicates that the path to thejar files are located in the same directory where the script is located.)

5.) Save and quit the servertools script

6.) Run the script by typing:

prompt% ./servertools

This workaround should help you avoid the NoClassDefFound error and help you runthe servertools utility. If servertools still does not run and you needthe Starbase Server up and running quickly, you can use the command line to accomplishthe same tasks done through servertools. Check out our knowledgebase documenttitled "Starting the Starbase Server using the command line".

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