Using Filters


Some backlogs can contain hundreds of stories which can make finding the stories you are interested in very difficult. Filtering your backlog makes it easier to find specific stories or to see the scope of stories around a particular topic.

  1. Go to either of the backlog views.
  2. Click the funnel symbol in the top right menu to open the filter panel. If you are wanting to use a saved filter, select the filter from the Saved Filters list. 
  3. Click the funnel symbol in the top field of the filter panel to select either attributes or tags as filter criteria. Attributes are based on the fields on the story cards while tags are customized for each project.
  4. To add another filter item, click Add Criteria Group.
  5. To search within the filter, enter a word or phrase in the Search within filter field
  6. To save the search for future use:
    1. Select Save in the top section of the filter panel.
    2. n the blank field, enter the name for the search.
    3. Click Save.

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