Created On:  22 February 2012


After promoting a CR from one view to another using VCM, the linked files associated to that CR are no longer available in the view.


To resolve this problem follow the steps below,

  1. Select the CR
  2. Right-Click and choose "Advanced"
  3. Select "View / Compare Merge"
  4. Choose "Promote"
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Select the target view or source view depending on the operation chosen on the previous screen
  7. Click NEXT
  8. Uncheck "Selected Files" as this will carry out the VCM operation on any files that have been selected in the File Tab pane
  9. Click NEXT
  10. Click FINISH. There will be a summary of the VCM operations for the merge action of each file
  11. Click COMMIT on the top toolbar to apply the changes

If no changes are made to the CR before promoting to the new view ensure the status is changed from 'ignore' to 'overwrite' before commiting.

  1. Right-Click on the CR
  2. Select 'Overwrite'
  3. Commit changes

Incident #2558939