Option to clear Active process item unavailable


A specific Change Request had been selected as the active process item for a view but is no longer required as the active process item.

The option to clear the Active process item is not available (greyed out) and the Change Request cannot be unselected as the Active Process Item for each check-in operation.

The chosen active process item for each view is stored with the starteam-client-options.xml located in the user directory. This issue can occur if there is a problem with the starteam-client-options.xml file.

There are two options to resolve this issue.

Option One: (To maintain all personal options):

  1. Close down the StarTeam Client
  2. Browse to the user directory

  3. Edit the starteam-client-options.xml file in a text editor, e.g. notepad
  4. Locate the category tag

    "<category name="Project Component">"
  5. Locate and remove each option in this category named

    "<option name="ProcessActiveItem>"
  6. Save the changes to the file.
  7. Start up the Client

This will remove all the Active Process Items that have been set by the user but will allow the user to retain all other personal options that have been set.

Option Two: (Create a default personal options file) 

  1. Close down the StarTeam Client
  2. Browse to your user directory

  3. Rename the starteam-client-options.xml file (for example starteam-client-optionsOLD.xml)
  4. Start up the Client

This will create a fresh starteam-client-options.xml file on client start-up which contains default personal options.

If this issue persists please contact technical support.

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