Created On:  28 May 2012


When creating a new StarTeam configuration in StarTeam 2009 R2 with a SQL Server 2008 database, the following error is thrown when creating the database.


This is a known issue.  It is caused by the ‘new’ configuration creation script expecting the SQL 2005 Native Client (9.0.4035) database drivers to be installed and ignoring the SQL 2008 Server Native Client driver already installed.

As SQL Server 2008 installs later drivers (10.55.00) only, and StarTeam does not install the 9.0 drivers automatically (unless the the ‘sample’ StarTeam configuration / database is selected at initial installation), there are two options:

The SQL 2008 Server Native Client (10.0) driver is a fully supported driver for use against StarTeam 2009 R2, in addition to the SQL 2005 Native Client (9.0) driver.

The issue occurs only when creating a ‘new’ configuration without having this driver installed previously.

Incident #2574942