ST - How to change a server GUID



ST - How to change a server GUID


[Pre WRAP] Beer Problem Description: - StarTeam Server- 5.x.x- any platformWhen migrating or moving a server, it can happen that a second server with an identical GUID is created due to an incomplete migration process.Normally this is not a problem because the old server would be shut down, but sometimes the old server stays in business too.The identical GUID can cause problems in that case.An example of problem scenario"s is if you use an MPX server. The correct server cannot be identified in that case.BeerResolution: To change the server GUID on one of the two servers:StarTeam Server configuration A1 was copied to configuration of A along with a copy of the database and repository. Both configurations are currently running using the same server GUID.- Shutdown the existing StarTeam Server configuration A.- Create a new configuration B with the same cipher phrase as A to create a new configuration entry B in the starbaseserver.ini configuration file. Do not start this configuration.- Open the resulting starbaseserver.ini configuration file that contains configuration B and the starbaseserver.ini configuration file that contains A. They could both be in the same file.- Replace the existing A ServerGuid, CipherName and CipherTest entries with the new server configuration B entries that were just created for B in the starbaseserver.ini configuration file and save it.- Fill in the ServerGuid value below from configuration B and run this statement against Server A"s database.- update syn_serversettings set ServerID = ""- Restart StarTeam Server configuration A.- Delete the StarTeam Server configuration B using Server Tools.[/Pre]

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