StarTeam & .NET Tricks



StarTeam & .NET Tricks


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x
  • All Platforms
  • SCC Integration


.NET is designed to work with Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam must be configured to emulate VSS for best results.


Assumptions: User is familiar with both .NET and StarTeam.

The following folder structure on disk is assumed:

\Root ( contains the *.sln, a blank solution)

Folder 1 (contains a .NET project)

Folder 2 (contains a .NET project)

To configure StarTeam to emulate Visual SourceSafe behavior, do the following:


In Visual Studio .NET create an empty or blank solution (contained in \Root). After creating the solution, start StarTeam and create a new empty project. When asked for the default working folder point to \Root containing the solution file.


Inside StarTeam set the following options:

1. The option must be set to mark unlocked files read only.

To do so at the project level, in StarTeam, select Project...Properties...Options....Mark unlocked files read only.

2. Microsoft also recommends the that the non-exclusive lock be used in the integration.

To do so, in StarTeam, select Tools...Personal Options...File...Use non-exclusive lock in integrations.


In Visual Studio .NET select the File...Source Control...Add Solution to Source Control option. You will add the solution to an "existing" StarTeam project.

Microsoft recommends the following processes:

1. Prior to a check in of changes the developer will do a ?Get Latest Version? and merge the files locally if they are different, do local testing before checking in their changes.

2. The structure used will be the Solution at the root of the folder hierarchy with child folders representing the various projects underneath.

3. The use of non-exclusive locks in the integration.

4. The creation of a blank solution and then add the various project to the blank solution.

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