How to setup and install the StarTeam Web Server


In this video I will provide a quick run through of the Web Server installation process as well as the steps required to get the Web Server up and running.


The installation of the Star Team Web Server is very straight forward, simply execute the installer and follow each of the installation screens.

The first screen will provide some information regarding the product itself, we are then provided with the license agreement and then the location which the product will be installed to. For this demonstration I will simply stick to the defaults.

Before we arrive at the final screen we are given some options which relate to the product icons. Once again I will simply choose the defaults here and then the final summary screen is presented before we begin the installation.

So we have successfully installed the StarTeam Web Server and we simply click “Done” finish.

The next step will be to locate the Web Server Start & Stop batch files and then Start Up the Web Server for the first time.

 Locate & Start-up:

The Start-up & shutdown batch files can be easily located using the Start menu as you can see


Executed directly from the Web Server installation directory.

Dimply execute the Startup batch file and the start-up process will begin.

You will see each stage of the start-up in the command prompt window as well as confirmation that the Server has started and the duration of the start-up process.

This confirms that the Web Server has been installed and started up successfully.

In this Video we have looked at the Installation process of the ST Web Server

Locating and using the startup, shutdown files & Starting up the ST Web Server….

I hope this was informative and thank you for watching.


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