StarTeam & PowerBuilder for Multi Users.



StarTeam & PowerBuilder for Multi Users.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.x, 5.x
  • Sybase PowerBuilder 8.x, 9.x


This article will cover how to setup PowerBuilder in StarTeam for multiple users as well as creating Branches for parallel development.


User is familiar with PowerBuilder 8 or 9, StarTeam, has read documentation for setup for a single user. It is NOT intended as a definitive document on PowerBuilder development using StarTeam. For information on PowerBuilder development you can go to:,6904,1020215,00.html


This document will describe a simple scenario to configure StarTeam for multiple users and branching.

It is assumed that the PowerBuilder Administrator or Project Lead ( the person who originally created the project) will have copied the folder structure and contents of the original workspace to a shared location on the network.

The new developer will copy the contents of the shared folder structure and contents to their machine to a local drive.

The user will log onto StarTeam and select View... Properties from the menu and select Alternate working Directory and point to where the files and folder structure were copied to.

The user will open PowerBuilder and create their own workspace in the location where the shared folder structure and contents were copied to.

Then in PowerBuilder right click or secondary mouse on the workspace file and select "Add Target", see Fig1.



Select the *.pbt files and add them to the workspace, see Fig2


Repeat the process until all target files have been added to the workspace, see Fig3.


User will now secondary mouse or right click on the workspace file and select Properties, see Fig4.


Selecting the Source Control tab, change the Source Control System to "StarTeam Source Control", select any preferences and then select the "Connect button, see Fig5.


You may select "Require Comments on Check-In", in this dialog You should not set the option in StarTeam (Project...Properties...Require comments on check in). PowerBuilder version controls a *.pbg file in the background, if this option (Require comments on check in) is selected in StarTeam. the *.pbg file is not updated correctly. (This check in/check out is transparent and not seen by the developer.) When the option is set in the Workspace properties dialog, the OK button on the CheckIn dialog is disabled until a comment has been provided.

Do select Perform diff on Status update.

Select the appropriate server from the drop down dialog or add a new server and log onto an existing StarTeam project, see Fig6.


You will return to PowerBuilder, note the Refresh icon next to the objects, see Fig7.


Open the Library and select the objects that are out-of-sync, see Fig8.


Secondary mouse or right click and select "Get Latest Version", see Fig 9.

NOTE: The Get Latest Version process in PowerBuilder was not designed to function as a "bootstrap import" of all objects in a target. All it does is a simple Get or Check Out of the tip revision, and an Import into the *.pbl. It does not handle complex object hierarchies.


You will be asked to verify the Get Latest Version, select "OK", see Fig10.


PowerBuilder returns note in Fig11, some objects are synced while others still need to Get Latest Version.


At this point the second user has successfully logged onto the PowerBuilder project and updated some of the objects.


The above process can also be used for a branched PowerBuilder project. Once the branch is created in StarTeam the user will copy the pbl"s and folder to the working directory defined by the branched view, create a new workspace and connect to the branched view.

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