TrackRecord integration with Visual Basic (VB)



When starting up VB, I sometimes get a TrackRecord login prompt.

Also, if I am in VB and the TrackRecord administrator tries to edit the types, it says that I am using the database.

How can I prevent this?


TrackRecord has built in integration with VB to allow you to submit defects and tasks directly from the IDE.  If you have already logged into TrackRecord once (even if you aren't currently logged in) and you start VB, the integration will use your last login information, otherwise, it will display the TrackRecord login dialog.

If you do not want to have TrackRecord integration with VB, just go to Tools | Add-in Manager and deselect the Load on Startup checkbox for the TrackRecord add-in.

If you just need to temporarily get out of the database that the VB integration is logged into, (so the Admin can edit the types) just go to the TrackRecord menu option in the VB menu bar and select Change Login then log in to a different database.

Old KB# 11442
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