Manually register files at the end of installation



I received a message at the end of the TrackRecord installation informing me that three files must be manually registered. How do I register these files?


The files that you need to register are: nmdbase.dll, dvcdbI.dll, and fprjInf.ocx. Note that the letter at the end of dvcdbI and the third from the last letter of fprjInf.ocx is a capital "i". Perform the following steps to register the files.

  1. Reboot the machine.
  2. Press the Start button and select the Run option.
  3. In the Open field, type: regsvr32.exe, and the full drive/path for one of the files using the eight-character-format file name. For example, type:
  4. regsvr32.exe c:\progra~1\compuw~1\trackr~1\nmdbase.dll
  5. Repeat Step 3 for the other two files to be registered.
Old KB# 10934
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