Creating new blank databases based upon the structure of another


This article explains how to create a new blank database with TrackRecord.


I have designed and tested a new database structure. I would now like to start with a fresh, blank copy of the database.

How do I create a blank copy of the current database?

What will the default new Admin user be?

What should I do with my old outlines?

Can I export queries/data from my old database and import them into the new one?


To create a new blank database, based upon the type structure of an existing database, please do the following:
  1. Have all users log out of TrackRecord.
  2. Make a backup copy of your current database.
  3. In the parent of the database directory, rename file DEFAULT.TDT to DEFAULT.OLD.
  4. Log into your current TrackRecord database as the user with Administrator Privileges.
  5. Go to File > Type Editor.
  6. From the menu bar, select Type Editor.
  7. Choose 'Save Type Definitions'. Save this file to the parent directory of your empty database directories. Name this file: 'default.tdt'.
  8. When finished, exit the type editor and log out of TrackRecord.
  9. Move your current database to another location. Your DBASE directory should now be empty.
  10. At this point, you can start TrackRecord. TrackRecord will start and look to the database directory. Finding it empty, it will look to the parent directory for the file DEFAULT.TDT. Using this file, TrackRecord will create a new empty database based upon the structure stored in the DEFAULT.TDT of which you exported from your original database.

You now have an empty database. The default (and only) user will be Unknown and this user does not have a password, and it the Administrative user. You should create a new account for the Administrator using the User Administration utility and make that account the Administrator. Then, give the Unknown account a password, so that users cannot log in as such.

Note: Any Groups that you created are stored in the ACCESS.INI file, located in the parent of the database directory.

Any outlines you created using the old database are stored in your local TrackRecord Program directory. You should move/delete these files from this directory, as they can not be used with this new database. All data that was stored in the original database (including queries) is no longer present in this new blank database. Note that while you can export/import data from your old database to the new one using the Import/Export Engineer, you cannot export/import queries.

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