How to look up FlexLM error numbers.



How to look up FlexLM error numbers.


When debugging licencing issues you may well encounter FlexLM error numbers; these are negative numbers shown in brackets following FlexLM short error descriptions, for example:

Cannot connect to the license server(-15,3002)
Invalid license file(-510,3046)
!MESSAGE Network license error:No such feature exists(-5,3027)
(lmgrd) Cannot read data from license server (-16,289:10054 "WinSock: Connection reset by peer")

The primary error number is the negative number inside the brackets, the short description preceeding it usually matches the error, but looking up the error number may sometimes provide more detail about the cause, and potential solutions. The second number is a "vendor" error number, and is not documented by Borland.

You can look up the error numbers in Appendix F of the FlexLM end Users guide, this is available on the Borland licencing site via this link

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