How to migrate a StarTeam server configuration


In this video we demonstrate how to prepare and migrate a StarTeam configuration to a new Server.

Shut down the server configuration. 

Create a database backup. 

Verify the location of the files that you need to move.
These file are:
• The database backup;
• starteam-server-configs.xml;
• The repository

1. Copy the files from the source to the target location. 
2. Open starteam-server-configs-xml in a text editor. 
3. Copy the entire entry for the source server configuration into the target starteam-server-configs.xml file.

Note: If starteam-server-configs-xml does not exist on the target machine, then you can copy the entire file and delete any entries from it for any server configurations that do not exist on the target machine. However, if this file does exist on the target machine, then take care to copy only the section needed for the server configuration that you are moving to the target machine..

4. Open the starteam-server-configs-xml file.
5. Type the correct values in the RepositoryPath and LogPath options for your migrated server configuration so that it points to the new migrated locations for the specified server configuration.

For example, you would update the following values for these options:
• <option name="RepositoryPath" value="C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeamServer <version>\Samples\StarDraw Repository\" />
• <option name="LogPath" value="C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Server<version>\Samples\StarDraw Repository\" />

6. Restore the database from backup. 
7. Configure the database for the migrated server configuration.
8. Start the migrated server configuration. Depending on whether you have other server configurations running on the same machine, you may need to start the migrated server configuration on a different port. If you need to do this, complete one of the following actions:

• Click the Start with Override toolbar button;
• Choose Actions > Start With Override from the main menu.

In this video we demonstrated how to migrate a StarTeam Server configuration.


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