MicroFocus StarTeam CPC 16.2 Hotfix 2 Released (build


The following enhancements/fixes are contained in StarTeam CPC HotFix 2 (CPC build; SDK build

  • Large file CacheAgent Checkouts cause memory leak and performance degradation
  • Running a Trace Report using old links no longer throws a Class Cast Exception
  • Implement –rp (root path) parameter on the sync command
  • Editing Stories with custom enumerate values now succeeds
  • Editing linked ChangePackage Properties via the links tab now succeeds
  • Deleting Links no longer throws an exception
  • File Watcher is not enabled by default in workstation options
  • Changes TAB is only repainted if the underlying change package set is changed
  • CPC installation will immediately fail if the user does not have local admin, registry, or installation folder access rights.


This is available for download from http://supportline.microfocus.com/


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