StarTeam 16.0 Update 3 Cross-Platform Client Patch 2 Release Notes (Build, StarTeam SDK (Build, and StarTeam Extensions (Build


The following fixes/enhancements are contained in the above patched versions;

  • (Extensions), RPI 1114938 - Extensions no longer block when Custom Tools is turned ON
  • (cpc) Upgrade the JWebEngine .jar to release 1.9.
  • (cpc) RPI 1114854 - Display the Story ID in the Story Client Calculated Property value of the Task.
  • (cpc) Administratively Disable (lock) options for Central and Per Folder File Status, Active Process Items and Central Status Directory Location.
  • (cpc) RPI 1114748 -  Display the Story ID in the Story Property TAB.
  • (cpc) - Support Cross Project and Cross View File Moves into Checkin Change Package enforced Projects.
  • (cpc), RPI 1114633 - Support Cross Project and Cross View File Shares into Checkin Change Package enforced Projects.
  • (cpc) - Increase MPX Refresh defaults to a minimum of 60/90 seconds
  • (sdk, vcm) RPI 1114944 - VCM no longer merges manual traces between files and process items in other views.
  • (sdk) RPI 1114938 - CPC and other thick clients no longer issue bulk queries for Project or View properties on login.
  • (sdk) RPI 3161418 - Support localized and English date patterns on non-English platform locales.
  • (sdk, jenkins) - Provide the ability to create separate data caches per session instance.
  • (sdk, stcmd) - Implement an access rights report for users or groups spanning all projects, views and folders.
  • (sdk, jenkins) - Deploy the Jenkins plugin StarTeam.hpi to the SDK install lib folder.
  • (sdk, stcmd) - Implement the select workspace-sync command for files to query the local syncdb.
  • (git client) - GIT pull fails with “fast import crash” error when an empty folder on StarTeam is renamed.
  • (git client) Commit map file updated with the id of a changepackage which was committed during a git pull.
  • ( git client ) - GIT versions 2.18 and later are now supported by StarTeam GIT client.

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