Created On:  28 March 2012


Why do I encounter this internal StarTeam server error:

"Internal StarTeam Server Error: The following features: modifying Process Rules, modifying Alternate Editors, are no longer supported by the client version you are using. Please upgrade your client to StarTeam 2011 or above and try again."

How do I fix it?


This error happens when an older version of StarTeam Cross Platform Client (e.g. 2009 CPC) is used to modify the project properties of a project residing on StarTeam 12 Server.

One of the new features of StarTeam 12 Server, Custom Components, allows the users to define their own Custom Component in addition to existing ones like Change Request, Task etc. Some changes were made to the Cross-Platform client to fully support this enhancement.

To overcome this error, you should upgrade to StarTeam 12.0 Cross Platform Client.