Unable to initialize CacheJournal.dat. Error Failed to open ....



Unable to initialize CacheJournal.dat. Error Failed to open ....


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005
  • Product Component: MPX Server
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


While trying to start the Cache Agent Service, following error message occurs,
"Unable to initialize CacheJournal.dat. Error Failed to open "D:\StarteamRepositories\BalanceSource\CacheJournal.dat.":2"



NOTE: Need to uninstall and install the complete MPX Server (Event Transmitter, Services and Cache Agent) before proceeding to follow the steps given below. Mainly need to have FileTransmitter.xml file in StarTeam project which will generate CacheJournal.dat when the StarTeam Server Configuration is started for the first time after installing MPX Server. After the CacheJournal.dat file is generated, MPX CacheAgent should be able to start successfully.

1. Before installing the Cache Agent, need to install StarTeam Server,
StarTeamMPX Server, and StarTeamMPX Services. StarTeam Server and
StarTeamMPX Server must have the same build numbers.

2. Perform a "CUSTOM" installation for StarTeamMPX Server and select the
optional "File Transmitter" in addition to the Event Transmitter, which is installed

When the Event Transmitter is installed, the template configuration file
MPXEventTransmitterTemplate.xml is tailored and copied to the folder \
EventServices\ where is the StarTeam server"s installation directory.
Furthermore, this file is copied as MPXEventTransmitter.xml to each folder named
\EventServices\\ where is an existing StarTeam
configuration. This causes each StarTeam configuration to become MPX-enabled.
Similarly, when the File Transmitter option is selected, the template configuration file FileTransmitterTemplate.xml is copied to the folder \EventServices\,
and it is copied as FileTransmitter.xml to each as well. This enables the
File Transmitter for each StarTeam configuration.

3. Restart the machine after installing the MPX Server.

4. Go to \EventServices\ and look for the file, FileTransmitterTemplate.xml, and copy this file in the Server configuration folder. For StarDraw sample project, it is \EventServices\StarDraw

5. Rename this file to FileTransmitter.xml

6. Open this file and uncomment the Jounal Path. It should be something similar to
C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Server 2005\Samples\StarDraw Repository\CacheJournal.dat

7. Start the StarTeam Server of this Server Configuration (for ex. StarDraw).

After installing StarTeamMPX Server, start each StarTeam server configuration that
will be used with Cache Agent. Doing this causes the File Transmitter to generate an
appropriate CacheJournal.dat file.

The first time a StarTeam server configuration uses the File Transmitter, the File
Transmitter scans the server"s existing cache and generates a new
CacheJournal.dat file. This may take up to an hour or more as it computes the MD5
of each file in the cache; however, the server will be available as the file is built. File content transmission will begin when the cache scan is complete. If any errors
occur, they are reported in the server"s log file.

8. Try to start the MPX Cache Agent.

Author: Rajini Billahalli

Old KB# 28121
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