How do I import and export data to other programs?



How do I import and export data to other programs?


TrackRecord allows you to import from and export to industry-standard ASCII-delimited files, so your data is never locked in the TrackRecord database. TrackRecord has the Import-Export Wizard that makes these procedures quick and easy. Using the Wizard, you can:

  • Import ASCII-delimited data into TrackRecord
  • Export your entire TrackRecord database
  • Export just the results of a TrackRecord query.

TrackRecord must use a "template file" for importing or exporting. This file tells TrackRecord which fields in your database correspond to the various delimited fields in the ASCII file. The Import-Export Wizard automates the creation of this template and saves it, making future imports and exports even faster.

To run the Import-Export Wizard, double-click the icon in the TrackRecord program group, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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