How do I update Oracle ODBC Drivers for StarTeam 5.3 SP1, 5.4, and 6.0?



How do I update Oracle ODBC Drivers for StarTeam 5.3 SP1, 5.4, and 6.0?


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.3 SP1, 5.4, and 6.0
  • Oracle Versions -, Oracle, Oracle


The Oracle Universal Installer will be used to install the ODBC drivers. The supported Oracle ODBC driver version that you install depends on your requirements and company policies.

Make sure that the first three digits of the Oracle Client version match the first three digits of the ODBC driver. For example, you cannot use an Oracle 9i Release 2 client (9.02.00) client with an Oracle 9i Release 1 ODBC driver (

If you have multiple Oracle homes on the StarTeam Server computer, make sure the Oracle ODBC drivers are installed in the matching Oracle home. For example when installing drivers, make sure you select the Oracle 9i Release 2 home. Failure to do so will corrupt your installation.

Use the following URL to download Oracle ODBC drivers:

Once the self-extracting archive file ORA9204.EXE (or ORA8178b.EXE or ORA9016.EXE depending on the Oracle version you have) has been exploded it will create an installable directory structure onto your hard drive. Run the Oracle Universal Installer from your local drive.

  1. Launch the Oracle Universal Installer from the Oracle Installation Products program group on the Start Menu
  2. Click Next to display the File Locations dialog.
  3. Use the "Browse" button of the source path to choose the file "products.jar" from the folder that ORA9204.EXE (or appropriate version) was extracted to. Choose "Next". (it was extracted to c: empOracle9204 in this case)
  4. Click Install on the Summary dialog to complete the installation

* You may receive a warning that some of the dependencies of this product are not found in the staging area. This warning is OK. The ODBC driver depends on the Net Client being already installed on the system. Answer "Yes" to continue.

Applying ODBC Patch

Although you must download and install the correct ODBC driver version for your database, you are not finished with ODBC drivers after doing so. Oracle has patched these drivers for StarTeam. The downloaded versions have a number of problems, such as memory leaks, which have been resolved in the patches. Borland has performed extensive tests with the patched drivers and StarTeam Server does not run unless you have the correct patched driver.

The patched drivers must be copied to the correct location after the downloaded drivers have been installed. Please make sure you install the above mentioned driver and then copy sqora32.dll into the bin folder of your Oracle home. The correct version of sqora32.dll (and some readme information) is located on the StarTeam installation CD in a subfolder of the folder named Patched Oracle ODBC Drivers. The subfolders (one per Oracle driver version) are named, and

After copying the patch, the driver version (which you can check using ODBC> Drivers >Version) should be one of the following:

Client Release Original Driver Version Patched Driver Version
9.2 release (or
9.1.release (or
8.1.7 release (or

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