How to drop 4.2 tables in Access 2000.



How to drop 4.2 tables in Access 2000.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • A StarTeam Server configuration upgraded to StarTeam 5.1.264 - 5.2.196 SP1 from a 4.x server configuration.
  • Windows NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 2000


This document contains information on running a query against an MS Access 2000 database to drop StarTeam 4.2 tables from a StarTeam 5.x server configuration"s database. This would be done as a part of the 4.x to 5.x upgrade process or at any point thereafter as a best practice for database maintenance.


The script to drop StarTeam 4.2 tables from an MS Access is installed by default with the StarTeam server configuration. The default installation path is " C:\Program Files\Starbase\Starbase Server 5\DBScripts\MS_Access" . You will want to locate this script prior to following the steps below.


1. Within MS Access 2000 open the target database.

2. Under "Objects" select "Queries"

3. Double-click "Create query in design view"

4. Click "Close"

5. In the upper left corner click the bold SQL button

6. This will open a window with the text "SELECT;" in it, remove this text

7. Cut and paste the script into the query window and click the bold red exclamation point ! to execute the query

8. Once the query is run it is safe to close MS Access

9. If prompted to save the query select "No"


As with any operation that manipulates data the best practice is to make a complete backup of your StarTeam server configuration prior to performing this operation. Always consult Technical Support prior to editing the StarTeam database.

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