Constrain dropdown fields in TrackRecord


This article explains how to constrain dropdown fields in TrackRecord version 6.3.0 .


We would like to have a dropdown field in TrackRecord that shows specific values based on the value of another field. How can this be done?


In order to constrain the values in a dropdown by the values in another field within TrackRecord version 6.3.0, you must create or edit a type list to relate the information for the second type. For example, if you wish to constrain the priority field by the value in the project field, you must edit the project type to contain a priority list, and then add the priority items that you wish to use in the project list. From there, you can specify that you wish to constrain the drop down for priority in your defect type to be constrained by the value listed in defect.

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Old KB# 14722
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