Created On:  21 March 2012


When using the StarTeam Server Administration console to create a new configuration the following message appears when the "finish" button is selected.

Exception: Class = WinOSException, Code = -2146893802


This error is related to the Crypto RSA keys used by Windows. This error occurs because the Windows logon that is being used when creating the new configuration is a different Windows logon from the one used to install the StarTeam Server Administration Console.

To resolve this issue please ensure that any StarTeam Server configurations are shutdown and the StarTeam Server Administration Console is closed before following the steps below:

1. Browse to the folder

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys

2. This folder contains files made up of hex characters for the file name. The one generated by StarTeam will have a name that starts with


3. Delete this file, and be careful not to delete any of the other files

4. Start the StarTeam Server Administration Console. This will create a new file in the above directory matched against the current Windows logon.

5. Create the new configuration

Incident #2553580