Created On:  02 February 2011


This error typically happens when a user is checking in multiple files.


Users who subsequently try to login to StarTeam will get the following error:
Internal StarTeam Server Error:
Access violation

The log file will show:
Msg = Access violation
  [ComponentID] = 0
  [Access Violation Address] = 0XFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  Exception handled at CStServer::DoCommand: Class = System Exception, Code = 3221225477(0xc0000005)


Usually a server restart is required in order to resolve the problem. This is necessary in order to close the database connections, kill the user's session and release the lock.
To help guard against this happening in the future, the user could make the following changes in their CPC settings:

1. Select Tools | Personal Options | File Tab
2. Uncheck “Exclusively lock files on check-out”
3. Check “Clear file locks on check-in”
4. Select Tools | Personal Options | Workspace Tab
5. Uncheck “Restore shortcuts at startup “

The problem can also appear when the same user is logged in multiple times both on the same workstation and from other workstations.

Applying the settings outlined above will help reduce the likelihood of the problem re-occurring.
Incident #2498735