Created On:  29 October 2010


The StarTeam Web Client displays a list of fields for File, Change Requests, Requirement, Task, Topic, Folder, and Audit items including those that needs to be kept private from general Web Client users. Is it possible to display only a limited set of fields in StarTeam Web Client? And if so, what are the steps needed?


In order to limit the display to a subset of fields in StarTeam Web Client, we need to define a View where only the desired fields for display are left in all the filters. Users who are accessing through Web Client will be given access to this View, but not to other Views.

The steps below illustrate how this can be achieved. Adjust the steps according to your environment and specific needs.

1. Using StarTeam CPC, logon to a project as Administrator.

2. Create a new Reference view. You can also use other type of views depending on specific needs. For more information about the different types of views, please refer to the section "Understanding View Types" in the Admin Guide.

3. In the new Reference view (named View - Users), right-click on the column titles to reveal a pop-up menu and then select the Filters option:

4. Select a filter, then click on the Fields button

5. Let’s say you want to remove Status field, select Status then click Remove

6. Click OK when only the desired fields are remaining in the right pane.

7. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to all the filters accessible by the Web Client users and delete those filters that are not needed.

8. Verify the result of the above changes by logging to the Web Client and access the new Reference view, 'View - Users'. You wouldn’t see the Status field anymore:

The remaining steps illustrate how the Web Client users can be prevented from accessing the main view which contain all the fields.
We achieve this by granting the access rights to groups, other than the Web Client group, that can access this view.

i. Open the main view as Administrator.

ii. Select the 'Access Rights...' option from the 'View' menu.

iii. In the "Assign Access Rights to" window, click on the 'Add' button and select the Group(s) to be granted access to this View.

Repeat the above steps for other views that the Web Client users should not access.

Finally, give access rights to the Web Client users or Web Client group to access the new Reference view. Execute the following steps:

iv. Open the new Reference View 'View - Users' as Administrator.

v. Select the Groups (including the new Web Client group) or users to be granted access to this View.

After making all these changes, the Web Client users will be able to access the new Reference view but not the main view 'StarDraw'.
The screenshot below shows the result of these changes, 'StarDraw' is inaccessible but 'View - Users' remains accessible to the Web Client users.

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