StarTeam time settings requirements.



StarTeam time settings requirements.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x, 6.x
  • All environments


The StarTeam server is sensitive to the time settings on the StarTeam server and the StarTeam clients.


The StarTeam server generally controls the time at which an activity is recorded. There are some exceptions though, mainly with applications based on the StarTeam SDK. In these cases it is imperative that the client workstations time not be ahead of the time on the StarTeam server.

A sample list of SDK applications that can be affected are:

  • stcmd - StarTeam command line
  • Notification Agent
  • Cross Platform Client

If the time of the client is ahead of the server, and a time based activity is performed by the client where the client provides the time, then an error is likely to occur.

Borland recommends using whatever service your network server supports for synchronizing all workstation clocks. For example, Windows network users can execute the following command to synchronize their workstation time with the computer on which StarTeam Server is installed.

net time \\server_name /set /yes

In this example, you would replace server_name with the name or IP address of the network computer running StarTeam Server. Depending on the synchronization method you use, you may need to resynchronize regularly, for example, whenever you restart the server.

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