Switching TrackRecord License Server



I will be moving the license server and TrackRecord database server to another machine.

How do I reconfigure the clients to point to the database on the new machine?

How do I reconfigure it to look for the license server on the new machine?


You will first need to submit your license.dat file and the HostID information to License Management. Either call: 1-800-538-7822 or email License_Mgt@compuware.com. They will need to make some modifications to the server line in your license in order for it to function on the new server machine.

On the client machines you will need to edit the value of the LM_LICENSE_FILE Environmental Variable (Usually located by right-clicking "My Computer"; selecting Properties and going to the Environment tab (NT4) or the Advanced tab & click the Environmental Variables button (W2000)). To change the LM_LICENSE_VALUE variable value: (I.E.: Change the LM_LICENSE_FILE value from 7166@old server Host Name to 7166@new server Host Name).

Next, you will need to modify two registry entries. The first registry entry is very similar to the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Manager and change the data value of COMPUWARE_LICENSE_FILE from 7166@old server Host Name to 7166@new server Host Name.

Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Compuware\TrackRecord... (Click on the TrackRecord folder key) You will need to edit the string value for "serverName" to reflect the new server machine's HostID (this will make the client look at the TrackRecord database server on the new server machine).

Make sure to reboot each client machine after the modifications and reboot the new server machine after installing the License Manager and the updated license before installing the DPSEE Server portion of the install.

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