List View Features


StarTeam Agile Teamboard List View

StarTeam Agile 2.0 now offers two Views, a Card View (available in previous release) and a new Flat List View. 

List View

The list view can be expanded to view both Stories and Tasks in the Sprint and can also be used to edit the Task Status or change a story to Accepted from Completed within the list.


Note, that only the Status field is editable within the List View.

 To Expand and Collapsing the list can be done by using the Actions controls provided.


Options available within List View

Within the List View, you can now execute Carryover to Sprint and Move to Backlog operations on single items.

Note, that for this particular item that ‘move to Backlog is not available.  This is because there is a task that is in ‘Progress’ Status.  Pending Status must be set to have ‘Move to Backlog’ available.

The List View now also offers the ability to execute bulk operations (multiple stories).  Options include Carryover to Sprint, Move to Backlog, and Set Target Release for a Story.


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