Created On:  03 February 2011


Does deleting StarTeam user accounts with the StarTeam admin interface delete user accounts in the DataMart reporting database also?


DataMart extractions do not extract deleted user accounts.  In the StarTeam database the user account is marked as deleted but the user information is not removed from the database. Some additional fileds such as "DeletedTime", "DeletedUserId" are set. Even after running a purge the user account record will remain in the database.

During a DataMart extraction any user accounts marked as deleted will not be extracted from the StarTeam database and therefore will not be copied to the DataMart database.

For example:

1. Delete a user from the server admin console in StarTeam
2. Verify the user will disappear from the user list window
3. The user will remain in the database with the deletion fields completed
4. Run a DataMart extract against this server
5. Check the DataMart table to confirm the deleted users are not included
Incident #2491520