Does StarTeam have an Eclipse integration with IBM RAD?



Does StarTeam have an Eclipse integration with IBM RAD?


Product Name: StarTeamProduct Version: 2008Product Component: IntegrationPlatform/OS Version: Windows XP

Description:Does StarTeam provide an integration for StarTeam 2008 Eclipse clients with IBM RAD 7.0 or any other versions?

Answer/Solution:IBM RAD is a rapid application development tool that, prior to version 7.0, was unable to work with StarTeam due to development differences between RAD and the StarTeam Eclipse client. With StarTeam 2008 Eclipse Client and IBM RAD 7.0, this has been addressed and resolved. Using RAD 7.0 and StarTeam 2008 Eclipse Client has been tested and they work together. This only applies to RAD 7.0 and StarTeam Eclipse Client 2008. Previous versions of RAD will not work with StarTeam in any way. Also, please note that this is not a true integration in Borland terms. The two tools will work together but are not truly "integrated".

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