How to compare two labeled configuration within a same view?



How to compare two labeled configuration within a same view?


Product: StarTeam Cross Platform Client
Version: 2006 and 2006 R2
Component: Client View Compare/Merge Tool
OS: All


We used to be able to compare two labeled configurations for the same view and to show the difference in the older version of StarTeam client. How can this be achieved using the new View Compare/Merge tool in Cross Platform Client 2006 and 2006 R2?


A new tool called "View Compare/Merge" has been introduced in StarTeam Cross Platform Client 2006 onwards and the older tool has been de-supported.

The out-of-box ready-made feature is no longer there, but you can work around it by doing the following:

1. Launch client by selecting the desired project and view.

2. Create a child view "compare" type "Branch All" based on a labeled configuration.

3. Go back to the parent view

4. Navigate to View | "Select Configuration..." to select a labeled configuration for comparison.

5. Navigate to View | "Compare/Merge...", and select merge type "Rebase" and source view configuration "Tip"

From the view Compare/Merge activity view,

6. Select "VCM session | Difference Report..." for the difference found.

7. Select "VCM session | Compare Perspective" to switch to compare mode.

Author: Fong, SokNee

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