StarTeam 5.2SP1 : Server12



StarTeam 5.2SP1 : Server12


Patch #12 for or 5.2.196 (Service Pack 1) for StarTeam ServerBuild (Service Pack 1)

Installation instructions

This patch requires that or 5.2.196 (Service Pack 1) be installed first.

Install silently to the last location Starbase Server or 5.2.196 (Service Pack 1) was installed to

Shutdown the StarTeam Server and close the Server Tools application.
Run -> Server12 /s -a ?n
Re-open the Server Tools as desired.

To install and be prompted for the installation folder

Shutdown the StarTeam Server and close the Server Tools application.
Install Server12.exe, it will prompt you for the location of your installation folder. Change the location if necessary.
Re-open the Server Tools as desired.


1. Allows for the upgrade of a 4.2 SP3 database when the total number of enumerated values is greater than 1000.
The following is also included in patch #11
2. Adds IP and User information to the Statistics log file.
3. Resolves MultiMap.h assertion errors in the server log.
4. Enables the default Administrator account to unlock after 24 hour. See additional information (Unlocking Administrative Accounts) below.
The following is also included in patch #4

5. Changes the way that deleted archives are filled in for StarTeam when a VSS project is wrapped. The deleted revisions used to be filled in with prior revisions. Deleted revisions will now be filled in with later revisions since a prior revision may not exist.
The following is also included in patches #2 and #4

6. Resolves problem with task work record dates and start and finish dates changes when Daylight Saving Time ends. Requires the Client #1 patch or later.

7. Forcing the logoff of a concurrent user will now release the license.

8. Folder behavior should now be viewable when "Ignore group privileges" is enabled and all access rights are granted on a folder.

9. If a StarTeam Server configuration that is set as a service is migrated, the resulting configuration will be set to run as a service without any problems.

10. "Reactivate Account" is now properly enabled when a user"s Account Status is set to "Password Change Required" and "Password Change Notified" when using the Server Administration Utility to administer users.

11. Attempts to add a duplicate user will no longer be successful.

12. Resolves problems with 4.2 configurations displaying incorrectly in 5.2 if the names use multi-byte characters.

13. Resolves StarTeam Server start problems when a cache greater 4 million records is attempted to be loaded. The Server would appear to stall.

Unlocking Administrative Accounts

It is possible for all StarTeam administrative accounts to get locked out of a server configuration. The lockout period for the main administrative account (Administrator) is 24 hours. However, you can unlock the administrative account before the 24 hours have elapsed using the following procedure.

To unlock the administrative account:

1. Shut down the server configuration and then disconnect its network connection to keep remote users off the server configuration.
2. Installed the patch if it hasn?t already been installed.
3. Start the server configuration using the command line in foreground mode from StarTeam 5.2 Server installation folder. Example: ?starbaseserver ?start StarDraw ?fg

The configuration name specification is case sensitive with the command line. The command prompt must be left open until the server configuration is shut down.

4. Set the system clock one day ahead.
5. Log in as Administrator and log off. This will reactivate the Administrator account.
6. Set the clock back one day to its original time.
7. Shut down the server configuration by entering ?X? and clicking enter which is how the server is shutdown in foreground mode.

Enable network connections and restart the server configuration using Server Tools.

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