Created On:  07 January 2011


When trying to import a project using the StarTeam Import/Export Manager, the error message 'com.starbase.starteam.TypeNotFoundException: The file "File" is not a valid type of this server...' appears in the Command Prompt window running the stimport utility. Following log shows the execution of the utility and the error message:

D:\Borland>stimport Import.iem
Borland StarTeam Import/Export Manager 2006
Build Number:  8.0.60
StarTeam SDK Version:
Copyright (c) 1995 - 2006 Borland Software Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Import Manager Log
Connecting to server....
Total load time:  1 seconds
com.starbase.starteam.TypeNotFoundException: The type "File" is not a valid type on this server. The following types are supported: ItemRevision, User, GroupObject, ProfileData, ItemReference, PromotionModel, Label, View, Folder, PromotionState, ProfileType, Project. Missing types are sometimes caused by an expired license.


The last part of the error message says "Missing types are sometimes caused by an expired license."

An expired StarTeam evaluation license (that comes with a new installation) will indeed result in this error message. Hence, the remedy is to use the StarTeam Server Administration tool to delete the expired license and enter a valid license. To view/modify the license, select Help -> About -> License from the Server Administration tool.
Incident #2485114