Release Progress


The Release Progress bar indicates the number of story points completed, started, not started, or blocked in a release. An arrow above the bar indicates the current release date. The color of the arrow (red, yellow, or green) indicates whether the team is meeting the ideal completion percentage based on the release dates.

The Release Progress summary provides a snapshot of the current status of the release to allow the team and the product owner to determine if any changes need to be made in order to meet the project deadlines. Information in the summary includes:

  • Release start and end dates
  • The number of days completed in the release
  • The number of points completed in the release
  • Average points completed per day
  • The number of days left in the release
  • The number of points still to pending
  • An estimate the number of points that need to be completed per day to meet the target release date

Not every story targeted for a release will have story points when it is added to the backlog. For Release Tracking purposes, StarTeam Agile will use the average points per story in the release for stories that do not have story points. 

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