Created On:  05 May 2010


A tool is needed to generate report that lists all active StarTeam users.


Attached is a simple VB script to list the full name of all the active users in a StarTeam configuration.

Rename the attached file to vbListAllUsers.vbs and make the following changes where appropriate.

Please supply your own login details to the StarTeam Server on Line 8 of the script:

const strURL= "user:password@server:port"


const strURL= "Administrator:p@ssw0rd@localhost:49201"

The generated output file is C:\userlist.txt, defined at line 11.

When this script is run, there are a few pop-up windows along the way. Just click on the button displayed to proceed.
This script is provided for illustration. If you have specific needs that go beyond the capability of this script, please contact Micro Focus to discuss your requirement. Our Professional Services team may be able to create a custom solution (we call it Field Developed Solutions) to address your needs.
Incident #2444125